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Compliance and Legal Business Consulting

Areas of Assistance

legislative tracking

With the explosion of regulation at the state and local level, employers are concerned they are going to miss critical new employment requirements. I help staffing companies develop and implement legislative and regulatory tracking mechanisms to stay ahead of the curve.

practical compliance programs

Every company should have a documented compliance program with a charter, code of conduct, and proactive programs around top risks such as wage and hour, harassment and discrimination, background checks and texting. Implementing an effective program will reduce your risk of financial exposure arising from litigation or government action.  Additionally, if you have an effective program, you will receive reduced punishment if convicted in a federal prosecution. I help companies establish practical, integrated programs around ethics and top employment risks.

strategic planning and operational excellence

In staffing, employment is our operation. I help companies grow through the facilitation of an inclusive strategic planning process that will enable them to evolve to the next stage of development, expand market share while preparing for a potential downturn. 

effective risk assessment

With the barrage of existing and new employment requirements, staffing companies struggle to know what initiatives to work on now, which initiatives can wait, and which initiatives can be ignored. I help them prioritize scares resources by balancing litigation, financial, business and revenue risk. I also conduct reviews of operational processes, forms, practices and POS systems to identify compliance risks and develop a prioritized work plan to address issues identified.

litigation strategy, legal expense management

While excellence in compliance can eliminate liability, plaintiffs attorneys’ will still file merit-less claims and class actions in the hopes of extorting a settlement. Worse, your defense counsel can cost you a fortune, spending months - if not years - in litigation, only to advise you to settle at an amount greater than the value of the case. I provide companies with the tools to actively manage litigation to drive down defense and settlement costs. I also help companies drive down legal expenses through effective law department structure, staffing, and budgeting. 

compliance change management

As the staffing industry faces disruption, innovation is paramount to survival. Yet companies struggle with change management and strategic execution remains a top concern. An organization’s ability to implement new laws or compliance programs will only be as good as it’s ability to implement any other initiatives. I help staffing companies drive revenue while reducing risk by strengthening their change management muscle using a simple framework for sustainable change.

outside general counsel

Many staffing companies achieve incredible success without the need for, or expense of, a general counsel or in house attorney. At the same time, they may have the need for human resource advice, contract review, lease negotiation, or other routine needs. Companies incur risk when they need legal advice but avoid reaching out to their law firm due to high rates and over-billing. I work from home with no staff, and my rates reflect that to ensure I can help you succeed and mange risk. I can be engaged to provide ongoing legal advice on an hourly or fixed fee basis.

project management

Since the economic crisis, companies have been forced to “do more with less”. However the list of critical revenue, technology and compliance initiatives result in a heavy project agenda. Teams are drowning in work, trying to manage projects while performing their day job. Inevitably, project execution suffers, resulting in failure to achieve some or all of the anticipated benefit. Or, the day job suffers and the resulting in lost revenue or costly mistakes. I help companies with project management by validating the underlying ROI of the project, and leading project teams to fully execute and achieve desired results.